Minister Okello Engola Commends Ngetta Tropical Holdings for taking a lead in transforming agricultural sector in Northern Uganda.

The minister of state for defence Col (rtd) Charles P Okello Engola Macodwogo has immensely commended Ngetta Tropical Holdings for its indefatigable efforts in transforming agricultural sector in the Northern Uganda.

Okello Engola who is also Oyam county north member of parliament says the efforts made by Ngetta Tropical Holdings in developing agricultural sector has since helped to improve farmers livelihoods through increased income and better living standards.

The pioneer Oyam district chairperson was speaking during a meeting organised by Oyam Agro cooperative society limited last week adding that farmers should closely work with agricultural firms like NTH who has  potential in providing high quality seeds and guaranteed markets for their produce.

Okello Engola 1

Minister of state for defence Col Okello Engola(on scarf) pose for a photo with NTH CEO Paul Omara(on cap) and Oyam Agro cooperative society limited leaders.

To show exemplary leadership Col Okello Engola pledged to take a lead in the production of Agsun 8251 sunflower cultivar which is currently being supplied by Ngetta Tropical Holdings this year by planting fifty (50) hectares.


Sunflower garden for one of the members of Oyam Agro cooperative society.

To enhance the cooperative’s capacity to produce more, he supported the cooperative with finances to procure seeds,hire far land to cultivate two hundred hectares of sunflower.

Speaking during the same meeting, the Chief Executive Officer Ngetta Tropical Holdings Paul Omara says they are committed to changing the livelihood of the farming communities in Northern Uganda.


Chief Executive Officer of Ngetta Tropical Holdings Paul Omara speaking at a recent function.

Omara believes that the solution to transform rural agricultural greatly relies on organizing farmers into cooperatives to make them  powerful bargaining tool that suit interests of their members.

The chairperson of Oyam Agro cooperative society limited Anna Tino applauded Ngetta Tropical Holdings for its role in stabilising the price of sunflower grains.

The chairperson of Oyam Agro cooperative society limited Anna Tino applauded Ngetta Tropical Holdings for its role in stabilizing the price of sunflower grains.



Ngetta Tropical holdings will this Friday 19th January 2018 officially launch its premier brand the virgin gold sunflower cooking oil at a function expected to be officiated by the minister of trade industries and cooperatives Hon Amelia Anne Kyambadde.

The much anticipated launch which will take place at Golden Tulip Canaan Hotel Kampala will be graced by distinguished dignitaries including ministers, government officials, members of parliament, business community amongst others.
The Chief Executive officer of Ngetta Tropical Holdings, Paul Omara says the virgin gold is ultimately the best produced cooking oil in the country and the region because it’s 100% pure, unadulterated, untainted, authentic, vintage and chemical free

Virgin Gold 1             NTH CEO Paul Omara shows the Virgin Gold Cooking Oil.

Omara says he believes that the Ugandan population  needs Virgin Gold to live a healthy life. He urges the populace to ‘Buy Uganda and Build Uganda.’ The Virgin Gold oil is packed in different sizes ranging from 1 litres, three litres, five litres, ten litres and tweny litres.The oil is rich in Vitamin E, Omega 6 and Omega 9.

Virgin Gold 4


The once former Chief Executive officer of Stanbic bank Tanzania asks people to reward efforts of the farmers in Northern Uganda who for about 20 years experienced the impact of a devastating war which basically obliterated what used to constitute the economic livelihood of the people.

He says the farmers must feel the impact of farming in their pockets because if they don’t they will not move on and that Ngetta Tropical Holdings is relentlessly and tirelessly working towards making the farming communities prosperous.


Made from hybrid sun flower seeds (Agsun 8251) imported from South Africa, the oil is said to be authentic, chemical free, pure and vintage.
Mr Omara, the chief executive officer of the cooking oil company, says the seeds are first sent through a seed cleaner and then a cracker or decorticator (machine that pulls off hard husk off the seeds).

It is proceeded by cooking by steam, later crushing them into oil and cake. The oil is stored in a tank and pumped into a neutraliser where it is heated above 150 degrees celcious to kill any organism, extinguish the smell and lighten the oil to separate it from the heavy materials.
Mr Omara says the mechanical process is done by 15 people. Upon completion of the separation, the oil is pumped and purified by a 30 filler press and taken to the final tank for packaging. He says the oil is pure and naturalised by steaming.

premieum brand